Black Hat Auto Responder (BHAR)


Black Hat Auto Responder (BHAR)

Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $49.00.

Some Features

  • Yahoo Webmail for receiving and sending.
  • Hotmail and AOL account unlocking. -Proxy Support – Select whether to use Socks4/5 (Special HTTP) proxies for Pop3 And/Or Smtp
  • Token Support – Use Static tokens such as #Date and #Subject or Random tokens such as {Hi|Hello|Hey}
  • Custom Pop3 and Smtp check intervals.
  • Automatically retry failed email attempts.
  • Multiple Responses – Specify an email# for your filters and you can have multiple responses with ease.
  • Export any of your data tables as a CSV or Text file.
  • One Time Mailing (Import emails or Append Templates to existing Data Inbox)
  • Triggers – This new feature will allow you to respond only on certain keywords in a message. If you put “<trigger>are you real|Yes I am real</trigger>” in of your template it will check the incoming message if it contains “are you real” it will put the answer Yes I am real in your response or just remove the whole trigger.
Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Black Hat Auto Responder (BHAR) is the best if you are looking for a reliable resource-friendly autoresponder! And if you are looking for a simple way to have multiple responses, BlackHatAutoResponder ( BHAR ) is what you need.

Brand new features include Yahoo Webmail Support for Receiving and Sending.
Hotmail and AOL Account unlocking. Please take a look at the Screenshots and Video tutorials and you will see the power of this software.

Black Hat Auto Responder (BHAR)Black Hat Auto Responder (BHAR)
Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $49.00.
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